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The 4 Best Gas Dryers Reviews in 2023

Jason L. Huff
  Jun 4, 2023 3:04 AM

New technology has made gas dryers more productive than ever before, making them a smart investment.

The fastest and most energy-efficient dryers are even better at keeping up with the busy pace of everyday life because they can connect to Wi-Fi, hold more clothes, and dry clothes in unique ways.

Check out BestForHomes' ( assessments of the best gas dryers reviews of this year to find the most dependable machines on the market.


Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Smart Gas Dryer – Best Overall

Samsung is continually on the lookout for the most efficient time-saving enhancements for its goods, since it is never hesitant to attempt new things.

The Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Smart Gas Dryer is undoubtedly Samsung's most innovative technology bundle, providing consumers with unique technologies that make washing laundry plain pleasant.

The DVG60A9900V is the finest overall gas dryer in 2022 because to its capacity to dry two clothes simultaneously and its AI-powered Smart Dial, which optimizes each cycle.

The FlexDry function combines a smaller delicate drier atop the 7.5-cubic-foot dryer drum, enabling you to dry a conventional load on one setting and your delicates, sportswear, and accessories on a separate setting, therefore halving the total drying time.

Wi-Fi connection delivers notifications to your smartphone and gives you total remote control to start, stop, and plan your cycles. Added to the convenience is the Smart Dial, a dial that tracks your patterns, provides recommendations, and removes process steps so that you may move on.

The dryer includes 18 selectable drying cycles, including sanitizing, wrinkle prevention, and a super fast drying option that dries garments in less than 30 minutes.


  • Smart Dial learns patterns to propose cycles and streamline configuration.
  • FlexDry permits concurrent drying of two loads.
  • Fast Dry can dry a whole load in less than thirty minutes.


  • Drum's upper half is less efficient in drying than its bottom portion.

Kenmore 7.0 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer – Best Value

The Kenmore 29-inch gas dryer lacks Wi-Fi connection, but it is equipped with all the necessary elements to assure satisfactory results when the door is opened.

Several individuals will like the simplified operation, which eliminates complexity with straightforward analog controls.

The Kenmore is the greatest gas dryer for the money since it is a high-quality equipment with a low price. The smart-sensing feature guarantees that your clothes come out dry without wasting electricity.

And despite the fact that you won't get a notification when your laundry is complete, it keeps your clothing fresh by running frequent wrinkle prevention cycles for 40 minutes after the load has completed.


  • SmartDry adjusts time and temperature to guarantee even drying.
  • Wrinkle Prevention prevents wrinkles from settling after drying
  • Reasonably low cost


  • Less capacity than competing models evaluated
  • No wireless connection

7.8 cubic feet GE smart dryer

The GE 7.8 Cu. Ft. Smart Dryer has Wi-Fi connectivity and a slightly bigger 7.8-cubic-foot capacity to accommodate heavier loads.

If you are looking for a low-priced solution with notifications and settings at your fingertips, the GE is an excellent choice.

It does not provide the same variety of dryer cycles as LG or Samsung, but sensor drying, wrinkle avoidance, and sanitizing make up for this.


  • Reasonably low cost
  • The 7.8-cubic-foot capacity is above average.
  • Wi-fi connection allows for control through GE's SmartHQ.
  • Options for sanitation and wrinkle release


  • Less cycle choices compared to comparable machines

Smart LG 7.3 cu. ft. gas dryer

Downgrading from the DLGX9501 to the LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Smart Gas Dryer DLGX7801 will result in the loss of a few cubic feet of capacity and the NeveRust stainless steel drum, but no other features will be sacrificed.

In addition to ThinQ compatibility, the lower-priced top-load relative of our premium pick has LG's trusted sensor dry and TurboSteam technologies.

Download cycles or personalize your dryer with 14 settings. When it's time to load and unload, you'll appreciate the convenience of the door's ability to drop down or swing open.


  • Wi-fi compatibility
  • Sanitizing with TurboSteam and wrinkle release
  • Dual-swinging doors facilitate loading and unloading.


  • Not as capacious as other models evaluated
  • No stainless steel drum

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Buyer's Guide

The size of a dryer is the most important factor to consider while shopping for one. When paired with an existing washing machine, the capacity and dimensions must be compatible. Carefully verify your measurements and evaluate the size requirements of your household.

It makes sense to acquire a high-capacity dryer if you have a high-capacity washing machine so that everything may be removed from the washer at once.

The majority of dryers are around 7.3 cubic feet in capacity, which is plenty for a king-sized comforter, although some dryers are 9 cubic feet or bigger. More capacity will save a growing family much time and energy.

Top-Load vs Front-Load

Theoretically, both front-load and top-load dryers are front-loading, however there are design distinctions to consider due to the corresponding washing machine type.

It comes down to the positioning of the control buttons, with top-loaders placing the buttons in the rear and front-loaders in the front.

Traditional top-loaders are often less expensive and provide a greater variety of options. If you need something inexpensive and simple that dependably dries your clothing, this is the appropriate design.

In contrast, front-loading machines often include advanced technology to varied degrees, and hence cost more. In contrast to top-loading sets, front-loaders allow you to stack identical units of the same brand.

One key feature of front-loaders is that you can install a matching pedestal in most circumstances. Often, a pedestal will provide more storage space, but more significantly, it will facilitate loading and unloading by eliminating the need to lean down to take out your clothing.

With a bespoke platform, you can lift a top-loading machine, but it may be difficult for shorter family members to access the controls in the rear.

Wi-Fi Capability

Practically every item is acquiring smartphone connection, and washing machines are no different. Wi-fi functionality is becoming typical in mid- to upper-tier products, especially those manufactured by tech-driven corporations such as Samsung and LG.

Internet connection delivers warnings and diagnostic notifications on machine performance while enabling you schedule cycles and control jobs with your smartphone or tablet. As part of a connected home, several devices may accept commands from Alexa or Google Assistant.


When you don't have time to iron, steam is a convenient wrinkle-removal method that may save you the aggravation of unpleasant surprises. It is a godsend when your children need to appear decent or when you need to refresh a beloved garment.

The dryer will infuse steam into the dry cycle in order to smooth out the wrinkled clothes. The majority of steam dryers use water from the washing machine's cold water intake, although some have a refillable reservoir.

Wrinkle Defense and Moisture Detection

Nobody like discovering wet or wrinkled garments when they open the dryer; thankfully, a number of firms have developed innovative solutions to these problems. Wrinkle protection avoids wrinkles when clothing are left in the dryer for too long.

If you’re late emptying it, a dryer with wrinkle prevention will toss the clothes every few minutes for roughly 30 minutes or more after the cycle has completed. This prevents them from remaining in one place and developing creases.

Moisture detection is almost normal on current devices, however some do it more well than others. Superior moisture detection enhances the efficiency of the machine to save you as much time as possible on washing.

If the dryer detects that the garments are dry, the cycle will terminate early; if it detects that the clothing are still wet, the cycle will continue. You won't have to worry about coming back to discover your things overdone or drenched and stinking.

Door Swing

All dryers feature reversible door swings to fit any laundry room layout, however some top-loading dryers have a dual function where the door may either draw down or swing open. It makes loading and unloading easier.

The hamper-style aperture allows you to pour clothing from the washer into the dryer without worrying about garments dropping to the ground, while the swing door makes it simple to take clothes from the dryer into a laundry basket.


1. Can I build my own gas dryer?

Due to the need of connecting a gas dryer to a dedicated gas line, you should not try to install it yourself. There is the possibility of gas leaks, which might place your house and family in grave danger. A specialist, such as a certified plumber or other competent heating contractor, must always install a gas dryer.

2. How safe are gas dryers?

Theoretically, all dryers are potential fire dangers if they’re not operated correctly. Nonetheless, gas dryers represent a greater risk to your property than electric dryers due to the possibility of gas leakage.

But, if you have a professional install and maintain your gas dryer, you shouldn't have any issues. A research conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated that electric dryers are actually more likely than gas dryers to cause a house fire.

3. How long should my gas dryer last?

The typical gas or electric dryer should last up to thirteen years. But, it’s crucial to operate the dryer correctly and follow the periodic maintenance methods provided forth in your owner’s handbook if you want to maintain your dryer in good operating condition.


The beautiful Samsung DVG60A9900V is the greatest gas dryer for 2022 due to its combination of quality features and mid-range pricing.

From its stainless steel drum to its artificial intelligence and dual-dry technology, it goes above and beyond to amaze and please. For a cheap choice, you might choose the Kenmore 7.0 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer.

In addition, the LG and GE machines reviewed in BestForHomes' ( article about the best gas dryers reviews provide trustworthy solutions for every budget or laundry demand.

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