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The 6 Best Massage Chairs Brands of 2023

Jayne B. Farrior
  Jun 4, 2023 3:36 AM

After a long day, there are few moments as relaxing as slipping into a massage chair. With the touch of a button, massage chairs bring the relaxing feeling of a massage into the house, massaging achy muscles.

While these chairs provide the promise of rest, there are several models and functions, making it difficult to pick the finest home massage chair for your requirements. These chairs may also be a bit of a splurge, so it's important to pick a model with effective modes, programs, and comfort features.

Learn about BestForHomes' ( characteristics to look for in a massage chair and discover the best massage chairs brands for home relaxation.


Real Relax Favor-03 Massage Chair



Real Relax 2022 Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair is the greatest full-body massage chair for the majority of consumers due to its array of enticing features and affordable pricing.

This large chair provides a full-body massage. S-track rollers with shiatsu, kneading, or knocking massage modes target the neck, back, and shoulders, while airbag massagers focus on the legs, arms, and feet.

Using the chair's big LCD control panel or voice-control function is simple. This chair features six automated, preset routines with three intensity levels for individuals who want to delegate control.

A zero-gravity recline and lower-back heating provide an added sense of warmth to this attractive chair, which also features a slick faux-leather finish to seem as sophisticated as it feels.

Product Specifications

  • The entire body is covered.
  • Six massage programs
  • Irradiation


Excellent Items Reclining Massage Chair



The budget-friendly Best Choice Products Electric Massage Recliner delivers value with its small dimensions and attached ottoman. Although this chair lacks the enveloping style of more expensive massage chairs, it is an excellent choice for individuals on a budget.

This massage chair massages from the upper back to the calves with massage points in both the chair and ottoman, despite its distinct chair and ottoman construction.

The seat additionally reclines and includes a heating function to promote further relaxation. A key advantage of this massage chair's simplified, compact form is that it is easier to fit into smaller rooms.

The wireless controller enables users to toggle between two modes, five massage routines, and a remarkable nine intensity levels. This massage chair lacks tracks and rollers, thus it just provides a vibrating massage as opposed to a deep-tissue therapy.

Product Specifications

  • Back and thighs are protected.
  • Five massage programs
  • Irradiation


A303 SL Track Massage Chair by iRest



A significant disadvantage of many massage chairs is that they frequently require a considerable amount of room, especially when reclined. The iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair is a bigger, feature-rich chair with a space-saving recline function.

It may be placed only 6 inches from the wall when completely reclined or in any of its three zero-gravity modes, as its full recline takes up less space than conventional chairs.

This 3D massage chair is not like other tiny massage chairs that sacrifice functionality for size. It gives a full-body massage with the SL track and airbags, an automated body-scan function, an extended footrest, and eight automatic massage modes.

The massage rollers have an adjustable width to better accommodate each individual user. This chair is a great choice for relaxation because it features a heated lower back.

Product Specifications

  • The entire body is covered.
  • Eight massage programs
  • Irradiation


Human Touch WholeBody 7.1



Several massage chairs resemble something from a science fiction film. Choose the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair, which seems and feels more like a regular recliner, for people seeking a more subdued alternative.

With a straightforward upright form and a 55-degree swivel base, this chair is a great option for the living room or TV room. This seat's less encompassing form makes it a more convivial option for everyday use, such as lounging in front of the television or speaking with family members.

To achieve its smaller appearance, this chair sacrifices a few functions. Yet, it provides a 3D back massage using orbital rollers.

For a full-body massage, users may additionally recline the seat and extend the retractable calf massager. This massage chair features five massage routines and warmth for the lumbar region to enhance relaxation.

Product Specifications

  • Areas protected: neck, back, and legs
  • Five massage programs
  • Irradiation


Massager Heated Folding Chair from Belmint



Most massage chairs are cumbersome, cumbersome, and difficult to maneuver. Choose the Belmint Heated Folding Chair Massager if you live in a small place or if you need a genuinely portable solution.

This massage seat is a foldable chair, rather than a huge recliner. Its foldable shape makes it the best option for individuals who want a massager that can be stored or who want to travel with a massage chair to ease aches and pains.

This massage chair's 40-pound frame contains enough massaging capabilities. It lacks the full-body benefits of larger massage chairs, but it does have four rotating neck massagers, eight shiatsu back nodes, a vibrating seat, and adjustable heating.

Three reclining choices increase the level of comfort. This seat is an excellent alternative for individuals who cannot commit to a full-size massage chair because to its low pricing and mobility.

Product Specifications

  • Covers the neck, the back, and the thighs
  • No massage programs exist.
  • Irradiation


The HoMedics Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion



Those who desire the advantages of a massage at home but do not want to invest in a full-size chair may find a massage cushion to be an ideal option. Massage cushions go over the back of an existing chair and are a far less expensive alternative.

The HoMedics Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion offers a more strong massage experience than other lower-end massage cushions, which only deliver a vibrating massage.

This massage cushion has kneading nodes that resemble a shiatsu massage. Three types of massage are available, including a shiatsu deep-tissue massage, a rolling massage, and a focused spot massage.

The remote allows customers to alter the distance and width between the massage heads to accommodate their height and provide a more customized treatment.

With an adjustable strap system, this massage can be attached to practically any chair with a back, transforming it into a personal massager.

Product Specifications

  • Covering includes the neck and back
  • No massage programs exist.
  • Irradiation

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Massage Chair?

While buying for a massage chair, there are numerous crucial aspects to consider. Some affordable massage chairs offer only vibration and heat, whereas high-end models feature zero-gravity and full-body massage routines.

Consider the massage coverage, programs and settings, reclining angle, and extra comfort elements, as well as the chair's specifications to verify it gives the desired massage kind.

Massage Sequences and Protection

Massage chairs may target many body parts. The simplest chairs typically focus on the back, although luxury chairs may additionally include choices for massaging the head, neck, legs, feet, arms, and hands.

Vibration pads, air bags, massage heads, and rollers are strategically positioned throughout the chair to generate its massaging capabilities. A chair of superior quality will include tracks that allow the massaging nodes to move and deliver a more effective massage.

The massage tracks will indicate the roller coverage of the chair (although the chair can still massage other areas of the body using airbags and vibrating nodes). Popular types of massage track include:

  • S-track massage chairs adhere to the natural S-curve of the spine from the neck to the lower lumbar area. S-tracks are the shortest, but because to their design, they allow users to lie out flatter, resulting in enhanced spinal stretching and decompression.
  • L-tracks are longer than S-tracks, beginning at the neck and extending to the glutes or hamstrings past the lower back. L-track chairs often feature a curved back to assist the natural curvature of the spine. These massage chairs offer a more effective full-body massage.
  • J-tracks have an L-range, track's extending from the neck to the legs. They include the back stretching and decompression qualities of an S-track as well as a recliner function that allows users to recline. Hence, some manufacturers refer to these massage chairs as SL-track chairs.

Massage Type

Massage chairs can range from seats with stationary rollers and basic vibrating features to seats with movable, full-body, deep-tissue massage nodes.

Many massage chairs provide a range of massage techniques, including vibration, kneading, tapping, knocking, and compression. Massage chairs can simulate popular styles of massage, such as Swedish, shiatsu, percussion, and deep tissue massage.

There are two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional roller heads available.

  • Some 2D roller heads feature rudimentary depth controls and simply allow for horizontal and vertical movement.
  • 3D rollers may move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, and they often incorporate depth controls to alter the massage intensity.
  • 4D rollers incorporate all the actions of a 3D roller as well as adjustments in rhythm and pace to resemble the human masseuse as closely as possible.
  • 3D and 4D chairs provide more variety of massage kinds than 2D chairs, although they are typically more expensive.

Programs and Configuration

Massage programs provide a predefined blend of massage types and locations for a more soothing encounter. Chairs can have between three and ten massage programs, with choices for scheduled massages, area-specific treatments, and full-body massages.

Programs take the guesswork out of selecting each massage action and prevent monotony, allowing customers to rest fully.

On a massage chair, it might be vital to have settings that are simple to operate, as users are there to rest, not to navigate menus or hunt for buttons. The addition of one-touch buttons, touch displays, remotes, and voice commands can enhance the usability of a product.

Many massage chairs contain options for customizing the massage kinds and programs, allowing users to select various massage types, zones, and intensities, as well as regulate additional comfort elements such as chair recline and warming functions.

Reclining Angle

The most comfortable chair massager models typically have a reclining function. The angle of recline may range from 100 degrees to just above 180 degrees, providing either a comfortable recline or a little inversion to stretch the spine.

Some chairs stop at predetermined degrees of recline, while others permit stopping anywhere along the range.

Several high-end massage chairs include a zero-gravity reclining option. This function reclines the body to a neutral position, creating a feeling of weightlessness and relieving strain on the spine to promote relaxation.

Some massage chairs provide numerous degrees of zero-gravity recline to accommodate a variety of users.

Additional Features

The ability to heat the back, seat, or even the full length of a massage chair is one of the most frequent additional features. Heat can aid in muscular relaxation and induce a deeper level of relaxation.

In addition to built-in music systems, USB chargers, light therapy, air ionizers, and smart connection, chairs may also have these features to improve the user experience.

Some high-end massage chairs offer a body-scan function that employs sensors to map the user's back structure and adjust the chair accordingly.

These chairs have shoulder height sensing to prevent the massage rollers from reaching the neck. Complex body scan features can identify height, back form, and pressure areas to produce a massage that is more personalised.

Aesthetic appeal is another important factor to consider. Massage chairs are available in a variety of materials, dimensions, and hues. As these chairs are an investment, you should select a model that complements your area and is made of resilient materials


Is utilizing a massage chair healthy?

Indeed, massage chairs may be beneficial to the mind and body. A massage chair can help relax muscles and increase blood circulation. Taking time out of a hectic schedule for a decent massage is also praised by many users for its stress-relieving benefits.

Before utilizing a massage chair, those with severe injuries or chronic pain should consult a physician, and keep in mind that a massage chair cannot replace the experience of a physiotherapist or massage therapist.

What qualities should I seek in a massage chair?

There are several varieties of massage chairs available, so it comes down to selecting the functionalities that best suit your needs.

Evaluate massage coverage (back or whole body), massage styles and settings (including vibration, rolling, kneading, and intensity levels), and other comfort features such as reclining and heating functions.

What is the finest full-body massage chair?

The Real Relax massage chair provides an outstanding full-body massage with an S-track and airbag massagers. It might be the ideal home massage chair for many consumers because to its user-friendly controls, configurable settings, and affordable pricing.

How much time should I spend in a massage chair?

The optimal time for the majority of users to experience the advantages of a massage chair is fifteen minutes. Overuse of a massage chair can lead to muscular tightness, so it's recommended to begin with shorter intervals and work up to your optimum treatment duration.

What should I budget for a massage chair?

Massage chairs are not inexpensive. A high-quality full-size massage chair can range in price from $1,500 to $12,000. There are chairs available for less than $1,000, but they may have weaker massage functions.

You should expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for a massage chair with features that imitate the effects of a professional massage.

What if I purchase a massage chair and don't like it?

Prior to purchasing a massage chair, it is advisable to examine the return policy. Several suppliers of massage chairs include a return policy in case you change your mind.

Final Decision

In the end, BestForHomes ( appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best massage chairs brands. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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