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The 6 Best Quality Above Ground Pools of 2023

Alina C. Fisher
  Mar 27, 2023 7:53 PM

There's nothing better than dipping into a cool pool when the weather heats up! But not all of us have enough room or money for an in-ground pool. Luckily, above-ground pools are a fantastic substitute for them. They take less time to set up, are more cheap, and allow you to immediately start splashing around.

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking for the best quality above ground pools available since BestForHomes ( have searched through countless pools to find you the finest of the best!


Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set

What can you anticipate from the best above-ground pool? Consider the Intex Round Prism Frame Pool Set, to put it briefly. This pool is a fantastic bargain for the money, simple to assemble, robust, and a ton of fun!

You can splash around in the 15-foot pool or simply wade in the refreshing water with loved ones, friends, or family. It's 48" deep, which strikes what seems to be the ideal balance between being neither too shallow to need people to tread water the entire time nor too deep to make it uncomfortable.

Ages 6 and up are advised, which is usually when most children begin learning to swim anyway.

If you're placing it on an uneven surface, leveling or sanding may be necessary, but generally speaking, installation is simple. It's undoubtedly one of the simplest setups we've ever encountered, largely because of their unique T-Joint design, which requires virtually no equipment.

Moreover, a frame composed of powder-coated steel and a 3-ply material liner provide excellent structural integrity. As the entire pool is UV-resistant, you don't have to be concerned about the light grey fading in the sun, keeping its brand-new appearance.

It does come with a Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump, a ground cloth, a debris cover, and a retractable ladder.

Bestway 56687E Pro MAX Above Ground

The Bestway 56687E Pro MAX Above Ground Pool is the next gem in the lineup after that. We're going to discuss the most popular size, which is 15' x 42", which comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Although slightly less deep, it is roughly the same size as the previous model.

You can count on longevity and dependability from one of the top above-ground swimming pools in addition to its fashionable appearance.

Speaking of appearances, you can pick from ultra-unique stone prints, blue or white walls! Whatever you select, you can rely on it to retain its original appearance very well.

To prevent UV light and moisture damage, the frame's construction is coated with a corrosion-resistant material. Moreover, you receive 3-ply PVC support bands that wrap around the pool's edge to add stability.

Also, there are no tools required for assembly because to the brand's patented steel Framelink System, which makes use of T-connectors that are specially molded, much like the Intex Round Prism.

This is unquestionably a significant benefit if you lack a toolbox at home or are not particularly adept at DIY. Simply enlist the aid of one or two friends, fill with water, and you're ready to go dipping!

The rigid, oval-shaped pool, which comes with a flow-controlled drain valve, filter pump, ladder, pool cover, ground cloth, and filter cartridge, is the best shape for most places.

Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool

Next, we have the nicest rectangle above-ground pool, which brings us to position #3. We are aware that those large flippers are difficult to fill, but the Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set succeeds in doing so.

Although we haven't done it ourselves, a ton of others have built decks around it, making the difference between it and an in-ground pool practically impossible to tell!

This one is great if you want something a little bit larger than the previous ones. It is certainly large enough for the entire family or for entertaining, measuring 18 feet by 9 feet. It is also noticeably deeper than others with a depth of 52 inches.

If you prefer swimming to simply wading around, this is one of the greatest. The pool has a contemporary appearance and a sturdy, powder-coated steel structure that was made to be particularly strong.

Its frame is made to withstand dampness, never rust, and maintain its brand-new appearance. Water circulation is ensured by new dual-suction outlet fittings. Better clarity and water quality result from this as well. No more sluggish swamp water to deal with!

A Krystal Clear sand filter pump has also been included to aid with cleanliness and water clarity. A ground cloth, debris cover, and a DVD for setup and maintenance are all included. Although installation is rather straightforward, it does take a little longer just because of the frame's size and weight.

Bestway 56655E Oval Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set

Are you looking for the greatest above-ground oval pool? Although there are several available, the Bestway 56655E Power Steel Outdoor Oval Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set particularly caught our attention. Everyone can participate because it is large enough, dependable, and equipped with everything you need.

Many individuals find the 16-foot by 10-foot pool to be the ideal size, especially if you enjoy swimming. The oval design makes it possible to practice, play pool, and do other things. Due to the 42" depth appearing to be suitable for all ages, we loved this one for both children and adults.

Corrosion resistance in the sturdy steel tube frames prevents UV deterioration and rust. This will keep your pool in good condition all year long, which makes a huge difference. We are all familiar with the Seal & Lock system, which has robust joint connections that hold up well to water pressure.

The interior is a shade of blue, so the sleek gray and white color scheme makes the water even more enticing! With the incorporated ChemConnect chemical dispenser, there is no longer a need for chemical floaters, allowing for a larger swimming area and requiring less upkeep.

If you've never had an above ground pool before, you'll be able to handle this one with ease thanks to a flow-controlled drain valve that makes draining extra water a breeze.

Summer Waves P20012331 Swimming Pool Set

Even though there are several excellent models available, the Summer Waves P20012331 Outdoor Round Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set ultimately took first place as the best little above ground pool.

If you're looking for a smaller model that's inexpensive, this is the perfect choice! But even though it's so inexpensive, it still has the highest level of craftsmanship behind it. The unusual black Herringbone Wicker pattern is surely interesting and lends a bit of refinement to a good time.

Kids learning to swim or just getting comfortable in the water will benefit from the 12-foot diameter. During the hotter seasons, it's also wonderful to take a cold beverage and enjoy it in the water.

The 2.75-foot depth makes it enjoyable to bring in some pool toys without worrying that young children won't be able to touch the bottom. It is made with a durable triple-layer polyester mesh, heavy-gauge PVC, and galvanized metal, so you may use it continuously without worrying about it deteriorating.

It can withstand the elements even if you reside somewhere with a wide range of weather. The installation process is pretty simple and doesn't require any special tools, much like the ones we've discussed.

Intex 28210EH Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Intex 27210EH Above Ground Swimming Pool is the last but not least. With a blue exterior and interior that will make the water enticing, it's one of the most attractive above ground pools despite its simplicity. It can accommodate up to 6 people and is ideal for solo swimming, family outings, and entertainment.

It's ideal for large pool parties with lots of guests because it was built for sheer strength! These are not the inexpensive types that topple over at the first breeze. Speaking of economical, this one is a great deal cheaper! Thankfully, the 27210EH proves that value and quality are not mutually exclusive.

This one also has the strong metal frame we've come to expect, which is coated with a powder coating for increased resistance to corrosion and UV rays. To prevent the legs from moving at all, the laminated sidewalls are reinforced by a band around the edge.

The garden hose you typically use to remove extra water from the pool zone is compatible with the pool drain plug. The only things you need to worry about are reapplying sunscreen and ensuring sure the beverages and snack trays are full because everything is made to be as user-friendly as possible.

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What to look for in a quality above ground pool?

Do you know which above-ground pool you'll be playing in this summer now that you've read about several good ones? We can assist you if you're still unsure. We are aware of how challenging it can be to pick just one when there are so many fantastic options available!

To assist you in reducing the number of possibilities to the one that is best for you and your outside environment, we have put together the following purchase advice. Let's get going!


Your first step will be to determine the size of the pool you want. As opposed to "eyeballing it," it is far preferable to measure this. Therefore, take out the old tape measure and make note of the area's specifications.

Consider the number of users it will be serving simultaneously as well as the size of the users themselves. If the pool is largely going to be used by youngsters then you clearly aren't going to want one that can fit 6 adults, right?

Be honest about how often all six adults will be in the pool at once as well. It probably won't be that much unless you host pool parties every weekend or even once a month. In that instance, a sizable pool might not be necessary.

While the sizes of above-ground pools may just be a few feet apart, keep in mind that a 27-foot pool stores a staggering 33% more water than a 24-foot one!

Let's quickly review the most popular pool dimensions and the number of swimmers each one can accommodate:

  • 1.5 individuals per 15 ft.
  • 18 feet Equals 2–3 individuals
  • 3–4 people per 21 feet
  • 4–5 individuals per 24 feet.
  • 27 ft equals 5–6 people.
  • 30 ft Equals 6-8 people


Whatever model you get will also depend on the pool's intended use. Is it intended for children to paddle around or just for you and other adults to rest in the water? If so, you should generally choose one that is shallower or smaller.

Perhaps you'd want to utilize it for workout or to swim some laps (albeit small ones). If so, you'll need something deeper so you can actually kick your legs without them bouncing off the ground!

The "norm" for most above-ground swimming pools is going to be 42–43 inches, though you can certainly go deeper if you prefer.


Another crucial factor to take into account is the pool's shape! Recall our advice to measure your space. Is the only shape allowed in yours a rectangle?

Perhaps a round form would be preferable? This kind of ties in with what we just discussed in relation to the pool's function. Our particular favorites are rectangular pools, so if your outdoor space permits it, we strongly advise having one.


Because rectangular pools are usually suitable for swimming and are ideal for games like Marco Polo and pool volleyball.


The good news is that every model on our guide is constructed from high-quality components to last you for many years. PVC piping is widely used in connections because it holds its position well and is both lightweight and extremely strong.

Steel frames are also very popular, and it's best if they have a powder coat. The metal will be protected from rusting and UV deterioration, both of which could compromise the frame's structural integrity. This is not only a benefit but also a necessity because it will be so close to the sun and water.


What type of drainage system is there in your pool? You need a method for efficiently removing extra pool water from the swimming area. Even if you've never owned or managed a pool before, we can promise you that every model is fairly intuitive despite slight variations between them.

Moreover, if you can, try to purchase a pool that has a pump, ground cover, filter, and pool cover. You'll save a ton of time, money, and hassle by doing this!

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to climb over the pool walls without steps or a ladder because it is an above-ground pool. Make sure you double-check the kit to make sure you won't have to purchase one separately because some come with one or the other while others don't.

The pump serves as the system's main source of water circulation. It pulls water in from the pool through the skimmer and filter and without it, it will not be adequately cleaned since the water sits stagnant.

This may draw germs, which not only poses a risk of being hazardous and unhealthy but may also cause unpleasant odors. Nobody desires that! Although it's preferable if your pool already has a pump, if you're going to indulge in a little bit of pool-related indulgence, make it this.

Make sure your filter system is rated appropriately for the size of your pool and that it is operating correctly. Filter systems are crucial. There are many excellent non-chlorine purifiers that are perfect for keeping your pool clean if you don't have time for that kind of maintenance.

Discretion and security

Consider all the possible locations as well. You must keep in mind that above-ground pools provide you a better view, which you or your neighbors might not like.

The best course of action is, of course, to discuss this with your neighbors and confirm that there are no restrictions on having one in your area.  You might want to think about installing some shade or a small barrier around the pool if your neighbors are alright with it (if doing so would in any way invade their privacy).

Getting a pool fence is usually a wise choice if you have children or pets around. Although it's a frequent fallacy that children can't enter an above-ground pool by themselves, it's best to be safe than sorry.


What price range are you ready to accept for the greatest above-ground pools? You should calculate a budget and be sure not to over it. On our guide, there is, nonetheless, a truly wonderful selection for every price range.

Everything depends on the size, style, and construction, but trust us when we tell that spending a little extra now will probably wind up saving you money afterwards.


What size above-ground pool is ideal?

That depends on how many users it will serve! Please refer to the "Size" section of our shopping guide for a general idea of the size you require per person.

A pool that is above ground can have its edge sat on?

No, and do not even think about sitting, standing, or moving around on them. Even a small child cannot be supported by them because they are not made to do so. Not only is it a tremendously deadly slipping hazard, it can also drastically compromise the pool's structural integrity.

Many individuals construct decks surrounding or partially around their above-ground pools so they may relax while sitting down, dangling their legs in the water, and doing so without placing any weight on the edge of the pool.

Are above-ground pools financially worthwhile?

For what you receive, above-ground pools are a great deal. For a little fraction of the price, you can obtain a dependable, enjoyable, refreshing environment to amuse yourself, pass the time, exercise, and do so much more.

How should my yard be prepared for an above-ground pool?

1. To begin with, you must clear the area. Remove any sod that is now present in the area where your pool will be located, as well as any debris or other things that could endanger anyone using the pool or the pool itself. Just quickly check to make sure you aren't breaking any building codes because they will vary between states and cities.

2. The area needs to be leveled after the sod has been taken out. It's frequently already rather level. Just make sure the higher and lower spots are equal. Since earth is not compact enough to hold the weight of a full pool, the space needs to be solid and should never be filled with it.

3. As we previously said, drainage needs to be planned in advance. Calling a professional wouldn't hurt, and they could determine whether your pool will damage your yard by drying it out or turning it into a pond. Certainly, the majority of yards will be fine, but it's a simple decision to make that will give you peace of mind.

4. The base that is put in place underneath the liner acts as a sort of barrier between the vinyl membrane of the pool and the unforgiving ground outside. Rocks, twigs, etc. won't have an adverse effect on a good pool base. The overall level of protection for your pool will increase with the quality of the base.

5. The final step is to install the liner. Although some creases are to be expected, make every effort to keep them to a minimum. Make sure the liners are not overlapping by smoothing them out.

6. After that, begin putting the frame together! You're safe because none of the models in our tutorial require even a single piece of equipment! Although it's a really straightforward and intuitive process, you should always follow the provided directions. Make sure nothing is loose and never force any components.

Can I set up my own above-ground pool?

In theory, absolutely. Although a lot of people have done it on their own, getting support is usually easier!

Final Decision

In the end, BestForHomes ( appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best quality above ground pools. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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