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The 5 Best Rated Closet Systems of 2023

Jayne B. Farrior
  Jun 4, 2023 4:54 AM

We use our closets on a regular basis, so why not make them easier to use? That may appear to be a difficult assignment, but with a closet kit, you can design a roomy storage system that fits your lifestyle and demands.

There's a kit out there for you, whether your dream closet has shelves abounding, towers of drawers, or color-coordinated bins.

"Anytime a closet system can be installed is a wonderful thing," says Jennifer Truesdale, CPO and creator of STR8N UP Professional Organizing Services. "You simply want to make sure you're putting yourself in a position to succeed." Her words of wisdom? Before drilling any holes, make an inventory of your possessions. "Plan for who will use it and what kinds of categories they will have," she explains.

When you've done the initial work of cleaning and organizing, you'll have a greater feel of what will work for you, whether that means tall poles for long hanging dresses, shelves for sweaters and trousers, or plenty of baskets for tiny things.

To assist you in narrowing down the best rated closet systems, BestForHomes ( tested and analyzed hundreds of models and manufacturers, assessing each closet kit on factors including size, features, material, customization possibilities, and overall value.


Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits

The Rubbermaid Classic Custom Metal Closet Configuration Storage System from the Rubbermaid Configurations range, previously rated our top budget selection, has pushed into the best overall slot thanks to its adaptability, adjustability, and dependability.

This set may easily suit your demands if you're arranging your bedroom closet and want a system that fits rows of hangers with bins of sweaters, rebuilding a guest room closet to store linens and bedding, or redoing a kid's area with an eye for development like our at-home tester.

It fits into reach-in or walk-in closets and handles areas ranging from 3 to 6 feet (additional sizes are available). All of these capabilities are available at a reasonable price, making it an excellent bargain.

The stainless steel material is strong and attractive, and each vertical rod features rows of parallel holes that allow you to effortlessly position and modify shelves and rods. Several systems and kits provide options for wall location and shelf arrangement, but this Rubbermaid package stands out for its simplicity.

When you've secured your vertical rods, you may add, rearrange, and remove shelves and horizontal rods as needed. Replacement parts and shelves are available separately, so budget for them appropriately.

If you require extra pieces in the future, you won't have to buy a full new set. The installation method is also simple; however, you may require additional hardware as our tester did, but other than that, it should be a breeze.

No closet system is perfect, and the shelves in this kit do have weight constraints. They bent beneath the weight of a kid's block collection, we saw. The abundance of configuration possibilities may leave people who demand detailed instructions for each stage of the installation procedure desiring additional help for shelf placement.

Notwithstanding these small flaws, we named it a "standout among wire closet organizers" and gave it a perfect 4.7-star rating. We think it's a great pick for an all-around kit that will improve a range of closets across your house.


Closetmaid Closet Maximizer

Closetmaid's aesthetically beautiful, cost-effective Closet Maximizer adds more than 8 feet of shelves and up to 24.5 inches of rod space while intelligently leveraging your existing rod or higher wire shelf.

We like it as our top budget selection because, unlike many other alternatives in its price category, it has solid laminate wood shelves, which prevents clothing from catching or snagging on the wire. Its four shelves are spaced 12.5 inches apart to accommodate containers, stacks of garments, or loose stuff.

It's also incredibly adaptable, as you can clip it onto your upper closet shelf or existing rod and quickly remove it to use in another closet. While we enjoy the practicality of this design, it may be a drawback for those who want a more secure arrangement or who are especially seeking ways to optimize upper space in their closet.


Closetmaid 60" W - 96" W Wire Closet Organizer Kit with Shoe Shelf

Closetmaid's fixed-mount closet organizer kit is ideal if you're overwhelmed with adjustable and customizable choices. With a sleek and simple design that prioritizes shelf and hanging space, as well as an additional shoe rack to keep your favorite footwear off the floor, it provides plenty of open and flexible space ideal for bin and basket storage. We like how the pricing is comparable to our finest budget option.

It's worth noting that this set lacks independent rods; instead, the wire shelves feature a lower rack that may accommodate hangers beneath.

Because of this design, your clothing will wind up in various sections—for some, this may be an advantage and added organizing element, while others may be irritated by the inability to push hangers more than a few inches.

Another disadvantage is that, unlike many closet kits, these shelves are not adjustable. Still, we believe it is well worth the money and will provide the simple, beautiful answer that many closets require.


Honey-Can-Do Freestanding Open Wardrobe

The two-toned Honey-Can-Do Freestanding Cabinet features four built-in wire storage baskets, solid shelving, a garment rod, and upper and lower slatted shelves that span the whole width of the item. Open Wardrobe is a refined and functional option that may be used in your closet or against an empty wall.

We particularly appreciate how the garment rack is positioned high enough to easily hold long dresses or coats, and how the slatted shelf design allows you to see what's stored above while also serving as ideal shoe storage below.

While the slats aren't for everyone because tiny goods will require a separate bin or basket, and the freestanding nature of the design makes it less solid than wall units, it's still a worthy element to consider if you're not interested in or able to install a whole kit.

It's very simple to put together, due to the provided shelf clips, and can be done by one person without the need of any tools.


Rubbermaid Expandable Closet Shelf Kit, 2-4 ft.

The Rubbermaid Expandable Closet Shelf Kit is another product from The Spruce's Configurations collection, which has already proven to be excellent in testing and research. This collection of shelves, rods, and racks may be configured as a slender 24-inch storage tower or as a shorter and broader 48-inch version.

This set's adaptability is appealing to us, and we envision it working well for linen closets, laundry storage, and bedroom closets in need of additional shelving that isn't too obtrusive.

As popular as this closet system is, bear in mind that it is not as dense as wood ones (albeit it is less bulky, which may be considered an advantage).

This sort of shelf bowed under excessive weight when we evaluated a comparable model. Despite this constraint, the Rubbermaid Configurations line has shown itself again and again, and we wholeheartedly recommend it for compact areas.

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What to Look for in a Closet Kit

Size and Mount Type 

Remember Jennifer Truesdale, CPO and creator of STR8N UP Professional Organizing Services' advice? She suggests taking inventory of your possessions before choosing your closet kit since knowing roughly how much storage space you need and how much wall space you have to commit to it will guarantee you purchase the right-sized closet kit.

While several of the systems mentioned here include customizable features, we have yet to come across a real one-size-fits-all solution. As a result, you'll need to know the depth of your closet, as well as the width and height of the wall on which you'll be hanging your kit.

Furthermore, be sure to follow the manufacturer's specifications for providing space above and below parts. Keep those same elements in mind when it comes to freestanding units, and always consider wall fasteners for safety and security.

Installation Requirements

When you've decided on the appropriate size and style of kit for your closet, consider how you'll put it up. The majority of the kits we've mentioned are appropriate for home installation if you (or a helpful spouse or friend) are familiar with the tools needed for assembly. To put it another way, you're at ease pounding, drilling, and leveling.

If that is not the case, or if you are unsure about the work involved for any reason, you should hire a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, keep in mind that most alternatives take a few hours to finish and can be done by one or two persons.

It's also worth noting that certain manufacturers, such as California Closets, which we rated best splurge, and The Container Store, which we named best custom, include installation as part of their package.

Organization Options

Most closet kits have a combination of shelving and rods, with optional features such as drawers, baskets, and shoe racks. As appealing as it may be to make your closet the most aesthetically stunning version your money permits, you may come to regret it if it is not built to fit your lifestyle.

"Don't simply get one that looks great," Truesdale says, "choose one that will meet your needs." Choose your categories and ask yourself questions like if you need tall poles for long outfits, bins for your training gear, or high shelves for headgear.

After that, you'll know whether you need to rely on shelves, drawers, hanging rods, bins, and baskets, or a mix of two or more.

Customization Options

Some closet systems can only be arranged in one way, whilst others may be installed in a variety of ways. If you're not sure what sort of layout will work best in your home—or if you want your product to be appropriate in many places in the future—consider a closet kit with greater adjustability.

This allows you to experiment with several designs and find the best solution for your needs today and in the future. Many options on our list, including our best overall pick, the Rubbermaid Classic Custom Closet Configuration Storage Kit, and our best for walk-ins pick, the Dotted Line White Grid 120" W Closet System Corner System, allow you to do so.

Furthermore, several closet organizing companies provide add-on components for their systems, allowing you to later add extra drawers, baskets, shelves, and accessories. This is useful if you are placing the kit in a child's closet and have demands that will alter and increase from year to year.


Metal and wood are the most popular materials used in closet kits, and it's not uncommon to see them functioning together in the same closet. Among the advantages of each, wood is more durable and seems more attractive and elegant.

Metal is commonly used as the foundation for modular and adaptable systems, and it has also been shown to be sturdy and trustworthy.

About possible drawbacks, wood systems are sometimes more expensive and bulkier, so if not carefully built, you may wind up with less storage capacity than needed. Metal systems are often not as high-end, and slatted shelving is frequent, which has gaps by design.


Evaluate whether you've made up your mind about the characteristics you want and need in your future wardrobe. If this is the case, you may be ready for a bespoke closet that matches those requirements.

If you're not sure what you need, envision your needs changing in the future, or simply enjoy the concept of experimenting with your setup, a customizable system may be appropriate for you.

Adjustability can range from repositioning shelves to trading out entire modular parts. Parents and caregivers looking for kids' closet sets should pay special attention to customizable alternatives.


How should a closet organizing system be designed?

The first thing you should do is go through your clothes and decide what you want to put in your closet. If you have an abundance of dress shirts, for example, you might choose a closet organizer with a two-tier garment rod. If you need to store many purses, a tower unit with a shelf in the middle may be the best option.

Maybe most essential, sort out the goods you no longer use so that you are not paying for space and storage that you will no longer require.

"Avoid acquiring additional organizing items unless you have a clear goal," advises Gill. "It's far more effective to trim and arrange your clothes first, then fill in the gaps with products like hangers, boxes, and baskets." First, take precise dimensions of the area to be filled and write them down or store them on a device you'll be using to buy. Having these notes written down can help you be a better shopper.

How should a walk-in closet be measured for a closet kit?

You'll need a tape measure and maybe a step stool to measure your walk-in closet for a closet kit. Begin by measuring the walls from floor to ceiling.

Fold the tape measure so the 1-inch mark is flush with the floor, then secure it with your foot (or use the locking feature if your tape measure has it). Then, with your tape measure, move it till you reach the ceiling and note the measurement.

Now, measure the width of your walls three times, once at high, medium, and low heights where you want your closet kit to be installed. If you're seeking for tips, Truesdale suggests increasing the space between your knees and your brows. Take each measurement, but keep in mind that you'll only be utilizing the smallest of the three.

Measure the depth of your closet using the same way as before and a tape measure. Place the 1-inch mark on one wall and stretch the tape measure until it reaches the wall across from it. Make a note of your dimensions for each wall. Remember to take measurements for the wing walls, which are the walls on each side of the door.

Take a measurement from the side of the wall to the door frame and write it down. You should also measure and record the height, breadth, and swing orientation of your door. Take the dimensions of any windows or other things built into the wall and make a note of them as well.

How much money should you prepare for a closet kit?

The pre-designed kits we highlighted varied in price from $75 to $1,250 at the time of publication, with all but one costing under $300.

Keep in mind that these prices are normally for supplies only, so you'll need to figure in your time and work (or hire a professional), as well as shipping fees and any other equipment or hardware you may not have on hand, such as supports or fasteners.

Bins and hangers can also be purchased separately. Overall, we've seen that closet kits may be a cost-effective and efficient solution to upgrade your closet storage, and are often significantly less expensive than handmade closets, which can range from $1,200 to $20,000 according to Home Depot.

What exactly is a California Closet?

California Closet, a well-known closet designer and retailer, provides in-home consultation, bespoke design, and installation. California Closets has previously been awarded the greatest custom closet choice by The Spruce, referring to it as the "Cadillac of closet design firms."


BestForHomes ( hopes that our reviews of the best rated closet systems have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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