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The 5 Best Rated Gun Safes of 2023

Alina C. Fisher
  Jun 4, 2023 3:10 AM

You may help ensure that your gun is never used improperly or by someone who shouldn't have it by storing it securely and properly.

To make sure you are choosing the right option for you, read BestForHomes ('s article on Selecting the Correct Handgun Safe. You should also take into account one of our top 5 selections for the best rated gun safes, which are listed below.


Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

The top option from Vaultek is the most affordable pistol safe. This is highly safe and effective because it has a ton of amazing features and a really sturdy build.

The only item on our list with Bluetooth connectivity and a free app for your smartphone is a smart safe and is genuinely a smart safe. The program is quite engaging and significantly improves and increases the value of your pistol safe.

You may quickly change your settings from the app. You can use it to turn off the sound, adjust the inside light's brightness, check the battery level, and examine the complete history log.

You can see in the history log when and what changes were made to the safe at any given time. Everything is visible, including when the safe was opened, the light was changed, and when a fingerprint was added. Since this functionality is optional, you can also access the safe via the app.

You can disable it if you'd prefer not to have that available as a method of unlocking your safe. Not being able to unlock the safe with a phone makes some individuals feel more secure.

The biometric fingerprint scanner is without a doubt the safe's most secure opening method. You can save up to 20 different fingerprint IDs using this feature.

Due to the ability to scan the same finger from numerous angles, this can be useful. This makes it more likely that the safe will successfully recognize your fingerprint the first time and quickly open when you need it.

Also, you have the option of programming many people's fingerprints into it. This is excellent if you and your partner will both require access to the pistol at the same time.

To open your Vaultec safe, you can alternatively utilize the illuminated keypad or real keys. You can select your preferred method from a variety of options, and you also have a backup option in case one approach ever fails for whatever reason.

Also, this safe includes a ton of safeguards that make it virtually impossible to break into it, and even if someone did, your phone would immediately alert you to the intrusion. It is unquestionably among the best options available and is priceless.

BARSKA Top Opening Drawer Handgun Safe

This BARSKA top opening drawer safe is just another of the finest biometric gun safe choices! Your handgun and any other precious stuff that you don't want people to be able to easily access can be kept in this safe.

This is a practical solution to keep intruders away from your valuables or to keep kids away from your firearms.

The safe is made to simply fit inside of a drawer and function there. Most large drawers, including those found in many nightstands and dressers, should fit. The safe's bottom has four mounting holes that have already been predrilled.

From this point, you can proceed to insert the safe into any flat surface or drawer of your choice. The primary way to open the safe is with a biometric fingerprint scanner.

With 30 distinct fingerprints, this safe can really store more than the Vaultec. There are backup keys included in case the fingerprint scanner cannot be used to open your safe for any reason.

You must take off the nameplate from the safe's top with a screwdriver in order to reveal the keyhole. This will increase your sense of security. Also, this safe provides space for several guns or for your own gun in addition to other valuables you want to store away.

Although the Vaultec safe may be recharged, you still need to occasionally replace the batteries in this safe. Thankfully, it uses very little energy to run and the batteries will typically only need to be changed once every year or so.

Its safe's two 34-inch deadbolts will keep it extremely secure and prevent anyone who shouldn't be inside from entering.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Handgun Safe

It is a slightly more compact handgun case from SentrySafe. Due to its smaller size, this case is ideal for concealment in tiny nightstands or any other area with a reduced amount of space.

Its sturdy steel construction and pry-resistant design make it impossible for anyone who shouldn't have access to break in. Moreover, this safe uses a biometric fingerprint reader. So, by simply placing your finger on the scanner, you are able to swiftly open the case after entering your fingerprint(s).

This safe only supports up to four fingerprints, unlike our first two recommendations, which allowed you to scan a high number of fingers for improved accuracy and simpler access for numerous users. You and one other person can still enter two fingers each using this space.

For each user, you should do at least two fingers in case the primary finger becomes unreadable at any time due to a burn, scratch, or other possible damage.

When the case is unlocked, a gas strut on the inside of the door triggers an automated opening. To assist you save time and prevent any potential unwanted attention, it accomplishes this quickly and stealthily.

There are two other ways to access your firearm within the case in addition to the fingerprint scanner. To open the case, you can enter a code of your choice on the lighted manual keypad.

Although, if you'd rather, you can completely omit this choice. In case other measures don't work or the batteries run out, there is also a set of override keys included.

This gun safe accepts 4 AA batteries, since we're on the subject. As long as you use brand-new, high-quality batteries whenever you do change them, they shouldn't need to be changed frequently.

Also, it will warn you when the batteries are running low so you know when to change them. A mounting kit is also included for your convenience, and a soft interior liner protects your pistol from damage.

AmazonBasics Deluxe Quick-Access Firearm Safe

If you're looking for the finest pistol safe for the money, AmazonBasics' outstanding option is almost certainly it.

Although it is incredibly inexpensive, this Deluxe Quick-Access Firearm Safe offers many wonderful features that are typically only seen in higher-end models. It costs less but is otherwise very comparable to the SentrySafe gun safe.

Its proportions barely differ from the SentrySafe selection. This indicates that it is a great, compact size that increases the safe's convenience and versatility in terms of where it may be mounted or stored.

It does include hardware and pre-drilled holes for simple mounting. In terms of memory, the biometric fingerprint scanner on this safe goes a step farther than our other options.

This scanner has a 50 fingerprint storage capacity. Although some people might find this a bit overkill, it can be useful for allowing you to scan several fingers at various angles and positions. This lessens the slight possibility that the scanner won't be able to identify your finger.

You could do this with ease using various fingers belonging to numerous distinct users thanks to the high number of fingerprints that may be remembered.

A pry-resistant door and a dual-layer steel design work together to thwart tampering that would let someone to access your firearm without your permission.

The argument is very strong. Unlike our previous recommendations, this safe's keypad isn't illuminated, but it still gives you a second way to open the safe.

For emergency access, a set of backup override keys are also included with the safe. Overall, it is a really great pick for a gun safe with amazing value.

AmazonBasics Security Safe

The final gun safe we suggest is another model from AmazonBasics. But, this option isn't even intended to be used as a gun safe alone.

This safe may be used for whatever you wish to lock up and is more adaptable. It is rather big and even has an inner shelf so you can make better use of the interior area of the safe.

To best suit your needs, the shelf can be moved or removed as needed. To assist protect your gun and other possessions from scuffs and other potential harm, the bottom of the safe has a carpeted floor.

Thanks to the four pre-drilled holes and provided mounting hardware, mounting this safe is simple and can be done almost anywhere. This gun safe lacks a biometric fingerprint scanner, unlike our other top options. It merely employs an electronic lock that is operated by a numerical keypad.

Naturally, this number pad contains more numbers than our prior selections. Since this safe doesn't have a fingerprint option, it slightly increases security.

In case they are ever required, a set of override keys are also included. When compared to biometric choices, it can take this safe a little bit longer to open, but it is also significantly less expensive.

Most of our favorite pistol safes cost far more than this safe does. This makes it the perfect choice for someone who wants to keep their gun in a solid safe but has a limited budget!

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What to look for in a gun safe?


You will first of all need a gun safe that is the appropriate size. Since many gun safes are made to be small, they can only accommodate one firearm and typically one magazine. For someone who only has one firearm, a more portable option like these would be ideal.

But, you should look into some bigger solutions if you do have several handguns that you want to store together. Some safes have the capacity to store multiple weapons, numerous magazines, and occasionally even additional items that you'd like to lock away.

Opening Procedure

While looking for a handgun safe, the exact opening mechanism will also rank quite highly on your list of things to think about.

This influences the degree of security, use, and accessibility of your handgun. The various opening mechanisms that you might expect to find in various safes are described here. Keep in mind that many safes can be opened in a variety of methods.

Scanner for Biometric Fingerprints

A biometric fingerprint scanner is a tiny gadget that can scan fingerprints and identify particular fingerprints that have been kept in its database.

In order to save your fingerprints, you must select a safe that has this option. Then, to open the safe and access your weapon, you simply place your finger on the scanner. The majority of solutions function instantly, but others are even quicker.

Because every fingerprint is distinct, employing this method to lock your safe will make it impossible for anyone other than you to open it.

As a safe typically opens fairly immediately, it is also most likely the quickest way to access one. Nonetheless, it is also pricey in comparison to choices without a biometric scanner.

Calculator Keyboard

The majority of safes will come equipped with a numerical keypad. They often have 4 to 10 digits on them. This option's security can vary slightly, but it primarily depends on you.

You are probably setting yourself up for failure if you choose a code that is simple to decipher, such as the last four digits of your phone number or the house number from your address.

Choose a code that nobody else would ever know or be able to decipher besides you (or the other users you wish to have access to the safe). Even without the biometric fingerprint scanner, this will provide a safe that is quite secure.

Naturally, using this method will result in a slight delay in your ability to open the safe. But if you know your code well, it should just take you a second or two longer. While some don't have lights, some keypads do. Remember this since an illuminated keypad will be much simpler to use in the dark.

Extra keys

The majority of safes also have backup keys, just in case the other methods were to ever fail for any reason. These keys would typically never actually be required. They are only a foolproof approach that guards against the risk that you will always be locked out of your safe.

Naturally, certain safes can only be opened with keys and cannot be opened in any other way. The least secure safe would be this one, and we really decided not to include any safes that simply employ keys on our list of suggestions.

Anti-Tampering Characteristics

It is crucial that a handgun safe has safeguards against potential manipulation. There would be no use in even keeping your gun within your safe if it was simple for unauthorized individuals to access.

You want the most secure possible choice. Read on to learn more about the security and tamper-resistant attributes you should search for.


A gun safe that is pry-resistant is something you absolutely desire. This safeguards any valuables that you may decide to keep within the safe in addition to preventing individuals from getting your firearms if they shouldn't. Specially strengthened bars that run down the interior of the safe's case and are often fastened to the lid make it pry-resistant.

They obstruct the opening between the safe's cover and body. The bars will stop anything someone tries to insert because this is where they would try to pry it open, making it impossible for them to enter the safe in this way.


Dropping or throwing a safe at the ground is another technique occasionally used to make an attempt at opening it. The idea is that the jarring forces will cause damage to the safe or perhaps trigger it to open. The finest handgun safe will be drop-resistant and feature an impact-absorbing design to lessen failure or damage from impacts.

Capabilities for Mounting

In general, mounting your safe to something is a smart idea. With some safes, you can accomplish this within a drawer. Some suitable spots are a shelf, the floor, or even the wall.

Your particular safe will determine where you put it, but you should search for features that make mounting simple. Therefore, the most practical choices for simple mounting will be safes that come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.


The battery used in each safe is a further crucial factor that you should examine. Due to electronic locks controlled by keypads and/or biometric fingerprint scanners, most safes will require some sort of battery power. Some provide lighting for the safe's interior as well as the keypad.

It would be more effective to use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can even be plugged in continually so you never have to worry about recharging it or the battery dying. Yet, choosing options that require replacement batteries could result in a financial savings.

These options will last a long period (perhaps a year or longer) before needing replacement or charging because these safes will consume very little electricity.


What does a handgun safe serve?

A handgun safe serves a few different purposes. Specifically, the major goal of a handgun safe is to keep unauthorized individuals from obtaining access to your weapon. Children, those with mental disabilities, senile seniors, or anyone else may be among the individuals you are keeping the gun away from. Also, the safe will function to deter theft of your firearm or any other items you may store there.

Do you really need a handgun safe?

Despite not being required by law, a handgun safe ought to be considered essential. Accidents involving guns and kids who shouldn't have had access to them happen much too frequently. Even if you don't typically have kids around the house, this is one of those situations where it's best to err on the side of caution.

Final Decision

In the end, BestForHomes ( appreciate that you picked our website among dozens of others to read reviews of the best rated gun safes. Hopefully, this article has assisted you in selecting the most suitable product.

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