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The 6 Best Rated Portable Dishwashers of 2023

Jayne B. Farrior
  Jun 4, 2023 4:15 AM

A portable dishwasher is a more compact, lighter, more adaptable device than a full-size built-in dishwasher. While this style of the dishwasher is commonly found in an RV, camping, dorm, or apartment, it may save space in any kitchen. They are usually equipped with hoses and adapters that link directly to the kitchen faucet and are positioned on wheels, allowing them to be moved to the kitchen faucet as needed. Certain models may also be filled manually, which is useful if you do not intend to relocate them.

The best rated portable dishwashers for your house are determined by the number of people living in the home, the frequency with which dishes are washed, and the available space for a dishwasher. In this article, BestForHomes ( has included all of the elements to consider, so keep reading. But first, have a look at some of the top portable dishwashers, which were chosen based on their performance and overall value.


BLACK+DECKER BCD6W 6 Place Setting Compact Countertop

With a capacity of six place settings, this countertop portable dishwasher is ideal for a small to medium-sized household. It weighs 46 pounds and comes with all of the water hoses and connectors needed for instant operation. It functions silently due to its low noise level of 60 dB.

This portable dishwasher features seven wash cycles to select from: intense, normal, eco (energy-saving), glass, 90 minutes, fast, and soak. It also has a kid lock and the ability to delay the start of a cycle by up to 24 hours.


Farberware Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The Farberware Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher has a 5-liter water tank that can be attached to a tap for automatic or manual filling, making it ideal for use when camping. Usually, portable dishwashers weigh at least 40 pounds, but this one only weighs 35 pounds.

Despite its modest size, it contains a pull-out dish rack and a cutlery rack. The portable dishwasher has two place settings and a baby care feature for sterilizing baby bottles.


SPT SD-9263W: 18″ Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

The SPT Energy Star Portable Dishwasher offers an eight-place setting capacity and six wash modes, including heavy, regular, eco (energy-saving), glass, 90 minutes, and quick. It comes with a drain hose and an adaptor for connecting to a faucet.

The inner tub is stainless steel and has an upper and lower rack as well as a cutlery rack. The dishwasher weighs 118 pounds and has a low noise level of 52 decibels. It moves easily because to its built-in front wheels.


SPT Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Living in an apartment or house with a small kitchen might make using a standing portable dishwasher challenging. Instead, use this tiny countertop portable dishwasher that weighs only 43 pounds to conserve room while still cleaning the dishes. The portable dishwasher includes all of the required hoses and connectors, as well as a universal faucet adaptor.

This stainless steel interior SPT portable dishwasher includes a six-place setting capacity, a slide-out rack, and a utensil rack. It also includes six wash cycles and a noise level of 55 dB, so your conversations will not be interrupted.


EdgeStar DWP62SV 6 Place Setting Energy Star Rated

This countertop portable dishwasher from EdgeStar is ideal for a modern kitchen, with stainless steel inside a dish rack, cup shelf, and cutlery basket. It has an inbuilt water heater that raises the water temperature to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, which not only cleans but also sterilizes dishes.

This portable dishwasher has a capacity of six place settings. It runs quietly at 52 decibels, weighs 44 pounds, and has seven wash cycles. The portable dishwasher also includes the necessary hoses and adapters for connecting to the faucet, as well as an easy-to-use digital display.


Farberware Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

This Farberware portable dishwasher has six dishwashing programs, including a speed-cleaning cycle that can clean dishes in 45 minutes, making it an excellent choice for individuals who frequently want clean dishes. With a weight of fewer than 45 pounds, it's ideal for tiny kitchens, flats, dormitories, or bigger RVs.

The portable dishwasher is white on the outside and features an easy-to-clean inside tub. The fold-down rack shelves and cutlery basket may accommodate up to six place settings.

This portable dishwasher also has an extra drying mode that delivers additional heat to the last rinse to improve drying outcomes. It includes a kid lock and all of its hoses and adapters are included.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Portable Dishwasher

Consider some of the most crucial product aspects of the finest portable dishwashers before you begin looking for one.

Available Space

Determine the size of the area in which you intend to place the dishwasher before looking for a portable dishwasher. Browse around your kitchen for potential dishwasher positions, bearing in mind that you will most likely require access to a sink.

Measure the available space's height, breadth, and depth with a tape measure. Consider the extra space required for the dishwasher door to open as well as the clearance area for the hose to attach at the rear to the faucet, which differs amongst machines.

With these specifications in hand, determining the maximum size of a portable dishwasher that would fit is simple.


Although portable dishwashers are built from a range of materials, the most common are sturdy plastic or stainless steel. Interior tubs are frequently made of stainless steel.

  • Plastic is inexpensive and long-lasting. Several of the other internal elements, which may wear out in 12 to 16 years, frequently outlast it. Unfortunately, plastic is vulnerable to impact damage, and if not cleaned on a regular basis, it can collect scents, oils, and other stains that cause the dishwasher to smell awful.
  • Stainless steel is often more expensive, but it is more durable than plastic. When transported, stainless steel frames protect the dishwasher from any impact damage. Interior stainless steel tubs often do not retain smells or food residue. Also, the smooth, non-porous surface is simple to clean.


The interior space measures of a dishwasher do not represent the real space available for dirty dishes. Manufacturers typically specify space in terms of the number of place settings that the dishwasher can store to better express the capacity of their product.

A big dinner plate, tiny snack plate, saucer, bowl, coffee cup, drinking glass, knife, two teaspoons, a dinner fork, and a small salad fork are all included in one place setting.

The majority of full-size dishwashers include 12 to 16-place settings. The capacity of a portable dishwasher normally runs from two to eight place settings, which is more than enough room for the dishes generated by a small family, couple, or person.

Standing vs. Countertop

The two main varieties of portable dishwashers are standing and countertop portable dishwashers, which differ in size and installation position.

  • Standing portable dishwashers usually include wheels to let them move around the kitchen and feet to keep them from moving while they're flat on the floor. Tilting the device to one side facilitates relocation from one location to another. A standing dishwasher has a bigger capacity due to its larger size and efficiency similar to that of a countertop portable dishwasher. Standing models, on the other hand, are often more expensive.
  • Standing portable dishwashers and normal dishwashers are both smaller than countertop portable dishwashers. They are designed for smaller kitchens and apartment settings with limited floor space and perform similarly to standing dishwashers but with a lower capacity. Moreover, they often lack wheels and, at 40 to 80 pounds, are tough to move around on your countertop. Place them near the kitchen sink's faucet. Also, most people are unable to wash pots and pans.

Water Source

A portable dishwasher requires a water supply to clean your dishes and cookware with its many pressured jets. Portable dishwashers, like normal dishwashers, must have a constant water supply.

Several portable dishwashing versions have a tank that can be manually filled. They do not require a pressured source of water, therefore the dishwasher may be operated without being connected to a faucet. This is great for use while camping or away from the kitchen sink.

Water and Energy Consumption

Conserving natural resources may be a significant factor when purchasing new equipment for the house. This is especially true for water and electricity-consuming dishwashers and washing machines.

While some argue that hand-washing dishes saves more water than using a dishwasher, the contrary is true. A dishwasher is a sealed box that utilizes just a certain quantity of water for each program or cycle that it performs.

Choose a portable dishwasher with an energy-saving option for more efficient water and electricity use. Individuals or couples are unlikely to require a standing portable dishwasher that consumes up to 3 gallons of water and around 1-kilowatt hour (kWh) of power every cycle.

A countertop portable dishwasher consumes around 2 liters of water per cycle, 0.7 kWh of power per cycle, and saves floor space while giving cleaning performance comparable to both standing and standard dishwashers.

Either machine is preferable to a normal dishwasher, which may consume up to 4 gallons of water and 1.5 kWh of power every cycle. And any sort of dishwasher is preferable to hand cleaning, which consumes around 27 gallons of water.

Wash Cycles

Every portable dishwasher has a variety of wash cycles. Each cycle modifies the water flow from the jets, the time spent cleaning or drying, and the water temperature output. The various settings enable the dishwasher to address certain cleaning jobs more efficiently, such as scouring pots and pans.

Light, regular, and heavy wash cycles are common, with most cycles lasting 80 to 150 minutes. Other portable dishwashers, on the other hand, may have extra cycle options such as an energy-saving cycle, a rinse cycle, a pots-and-pans cycle, and a speed- or quick-wash cycle.

Noise Level

Manufacturers have begun to produce quieter portable dishwashers, making them more suitable for tiny houses, dormitories, flats, or any place noise levels must be maintained to a minimum. Portable dishwasher noise levels are measured in decibels (dB); most models have a decibel range of 45 to 60 dB.

To put this into perspective, a conventional vacuum cleaner or hair dryer produces around 70 decibels of noise, but an average conversation produces approximately 60 to 70 decibels of noise.

A refrigerator hum creates around 50 dB, whereas a whisper generates approximately 20 to 30 dB. Choose a device with a low noise level to guarantee that your portable dishwasher does not interfere with your ability to converse in your house.


While these dishwashers are portable, the extent to which they are genuinely portable varies depending on the model. Consider the weight of the portable dishwasher, whether it has handles or easy-grip areas, and if it has wheels or merely feet on the bottom when looking for a dishwasher that moves easily.

  • The weight of an individual can vary greatly. It is determined by the material used, the motor size, and the size of the portable dishwasher. Countertop dishwashers are lighter than standing dishwashers, however they are not portable. Most countertop dishwashers are at least 40 pounds in weight.
  • The portable dishwasher's handles and easy-grip places can make it considerably easier to lift, transport, and transfer. Even with handles, some units may be too heavy for a single person to lift.
  • Wheels are a common feature in standing portable dishwashers, allowing the machine to effortlessly move about the room. This function is useful for standing dishwashers weighing more over 100 pounds.

Additional Features

Most portable dishwashers include one or more features that make dishwashing easier and safer, such as a safety lock, sensor wash, anti-flood protection, and a baby care option.

  • Your children will be unable to unlock or use the portable dishwasher due to safety locks. Locks also reduce the possibility of burns from hot steam or your youngster gaining access to knives, forks, and other kitchenware.
  • Sensor wash portable dishwashers use an optical sensor to scan your dishes and adjust the wash cycle to suit the amount of cleanliness required for that specific load.
  • The anti-flood prevention system is a straightforward device that checks the level of water within the portable dishwasher. It may automatically cut off the water input if the water level increases above a specific level, which can happen if the drain hose becomes clogged. This keeps the portable dishwasher from filling up and flooding your home.
  • You may utilize the baby care capabilities to super-heat the dishes with forceful steam to eliminate viruses, germs, and other organisms. This option is ideal for washing and sterilizing baby bottles and accessories, as well as cleaning glassware.


If you have any remaining queries concerning portable dishwashers, continue reading to receive solutions to some of the most often-asked questions.

How do I hook up a portable dishwasher?

To connect a portable dishwasher to your faucet, follow these steps:

  1. To show the faucet's threads, remove the aerator (the screw-on fitting on the end of the faucet), the aerator screen, and the washer.
  2. Attach the dishwashing hose to the dishwasher's back.
  3. Attach the dishwashing hose with a faucet adapter, washer, and screen. The adapter is usually included with the dishwasher, but it is not always the case, so be sure you have one.
  4. Attach the hose to the faucet using the adaptor and test it to verify there are no leaks.

Can a portable dishwasher be used without being connected to a sink?

Indeed, some portable dishwashers allow you to manually fill the tank, allowing them to be used without a water supply. Conversely, if a water connection is run, a portable dishwasher can be permanently linked to a home's water system.

How are portable dishwashers emptied?

Portable dishwashers drain using a fitting known as a "unicouple," which connects to the kitchen faucet. The unicouple is connected to the dishwasher through two hoses: one to fill the dishwasher and the other to drain water back into the sink.


BestForHomes ( hopes that our reviews of the best rated portable dishwashers have assisted you in narrowing down your selections and identifying the ideal product for your needs.

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